Electric Wall-Mount Panel Heaters

ECO-heaters – The Energy Efficient Home Heating Complement.

Energy efficient ECO-heater.The stylish ECO-heater electric wall-mount panel heater offers out-of-the-way wall mounting and is an economic and efficient way of providing additional room heat at a low cost. The panel heater utilizes convection technology, which contributes to the efficient operation. Heat is primarily generated in the space between the panel and the wall, behind the heater, which leads to an up-draft of heat that circulates into the room. This principle of convection means that about 90 percent of the heat comes from the back of the panel, while only 10 percent is radiated from the front of the panel. This form of "background" heating is very economic, and much safer because the panel does not retain enough heat to burn children or pets.

The wall-mount ECO-heater is designed as an alternative to conventional space heaters and other systems that use large amounts of electricity. It operates Electric panel heater in bedroom.using the same electricity as four 100-watt light bulbs, while heating an entire room.

ECO-heaters are panel heaters that are designed to be mounted on the wall, approximately 6-8 inches above the floor. There is a ¾-inch air gap between the heater and the wall into which the cold air is drawn. Because the gap is so small, the cold air is heated quickly and then rises out from the gap at the top of the heating panel. More cool air cycles into the gap behind the heater and the natural circulation of heated air continues. This natural convection eliminates the need for a fan, thus increasing the heater's efficiency. 

ECO-heater Benefits
Minimal space requirements. Because ECO-heaters are relatively thin panel heaters that are mounted on the wall, they save on floor space.
Safe for use around children and pets. ECO-heaters operate at a relatively low surface temperature of about 165° Fahrenheit. This ensures that, although the heater is hot, it will not burn the skin if touched.
Can be customized to complement the surrounding décor. The panel can be painted with water-based Latex paint to match the décor in your home or office.
Designed for long, sustained use. ECO-heaters are designed to be left on for long periods of time to provide a comfortable background heat at a low cost.
Excellent manufacturer warranty and safety certifications. ECO-heaters are UL listed and International Safety Standards approved and carry a 2-year manufacturer warranty.